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Community Events

Thursday Morning Run - Grove Path

Jersey City Road and Trail Running Meetup

The time and location to meet is subjective to change depending on the regular runners timing availability. We will meet in the morning and head out, could do some form of speed training, could be intervals, tempos, hill running.

Form and Flow

The Rise: FREE Outdoor Fitness in NYC

Join us at Flatiron every Thursday morning at 6:30 to stretch and strengthen, build and balance. This 30-minute yoga-calisthenics-dance fusion workout builds foundations and flexibility for whatever life throws at you. We start flowing at 6:30,...

BNI Chapter 34

Serious Networkers Meet in Manhattan Every Thursday morning

This Thursday's meeting is shaping up to be a great event. Comes join us and network with 30 professionals looking to grow their businesses.  See you Thursday morning bright and early.